Judson Laipply

On this, the very first episode of the 15, I am so excited to have as my guest one of the very first YouTube stars and viral sensations in the history of the internet, Judson Laipply. Judson is the creator of the Evolution of Dance, one of the most watched YouTube videos of all Time.

The Evolution of Dance was uploaded to YouTube on April 6, 2006. To give you some perspective on just how groundbreaking this video was, at the time it was uploaded YouTube as a service was not quit 14 months old.

Within 8 month of being uploaded, the Evolution of Dance had been viewed over 70 million times. To date – the video has received almost 305 million views.

I was able to talk with Judson about life back in the early days of viral videos, why he uploaded the video in the first place, and how he used it to his advantage.

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