On this episode, number 2 of The 15, I am joined by Andrew Meyer. You may remember him as the guy who, while being arrested by police on the university of Florida campus during a John Kerry forum, yelled out the now iconic phrase “Don’t tase me bro”.

Meyer was there that day to confront Kerry about not protesting his loss to Bush in the elections. Shortly into his questioning of Kerry, his mic was cut and police attempted to take him into custody.

Meyere struggled and was warned that if he didn’t comply he would be tased, causing him to utter “Don’t tase me, bro” during the struggle.

His plea would be ignored and Meyer would be tased.

One version of the video on YouTube reached over 7 million views In 2007, and the New Oxford American Dictionary listed “tase” as one of the words of the year

Know your meme also mentions that in March 2010, the video was named one of the 50 best videos on YouTube by TIME.

You can watch the full video HERE.

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