Marvin Pearson

Marvin Pearson joins The 15 for episode number 3.

Marvin appeared on The Ellen Show back in 2016 and told his remarkable story of being a blind and deaf football player. The video has been seen over 8 million times, and as you’ll learn from the interview, Marvin has used the platform to better himself and so many others.

Marvin is more than just an inspirational story. He’s an aspiring rapper, comedian, and sports talk radio host.

Some of the questions I asked Marvin include: why he thinks 1800 people bothered to dislike his video on YouTube(the answer will surprise you),
how he thinks his life would be different if he hadn’t lost his sight and hearing, and if he’s heard from Ellen since the show.

The YouTube video has been seen over 8 million times and, since going viral, has lead to Marvin getting to experience a lot of very cool things – including meeting New Orlean Saints Quarterback Drew Brees.

It’s a fascinating, uplifting, and inspiring story.


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